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Voice of Rescue

Stratsmark is proud to donate time & resources to such a great cause.


We see a major gap in the potential of shelters and rescue organizations to save lives and what they are actually able to achieve. This is not for a lack of want or passion for what they are doing, but a common side effect of under-resourced non-profits, with little-to-no access to funding for internal or external education and training.

We are taking our extensive experience in business, marketing and technology to help bridge that gap by providing rescue-specific marketing and business learning modules. These resources will be easy-to-use, easy-to-digest and accessible for an extremely affordable rate. The best part is - our model encourages and enables donors to cover this low-cost, high-impact platform so donors know exactly where their money is going, the huge impact that it has and rescues need not worry about where they are going to take the funds from. 

Can you think of a greater gift to animal-rescue professionals, and in turn animals in need?

We, as Voice of Rescue, will work with these rescues to raise more money, to make their money go further, and to attract and retain more fosters and adopters. They shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel to make their rescue work, so we offer standardized and optimized materials that will prove successful at any rescue. We offer ready-made packages, like event-kits and swag-kits so they can spend less time shopping for vendors and designing banners and more time chatting with adopters at events, and ultimately rehoming animals.

All of this will lead to thousands more lives being saved across the country. Won't you join us?

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