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D'Ana Guiloff

Founder, Head HubSpot & Smarketing Nerd

Lover of all things sales, marketing, and customer service, fighter for automating the heck out of it all.

Infectious enthusiasm for creating back-end sales and marketing engines to nurture (and convert) buyers along their journey ignites the creative spirit in those we work with, revealing our undying appreciation for all things Smarketing (and HubSpot).

From Fortune 500 companies to budding marketing agencies, and even representing individual surgeons and real-estate agents, we have worked in many industries, in various roles, while wearing different hats as needed. Continually on a path of learning, taking away valuable insight from each experience, we believe there are no bounds to growth for ourselves or others.

Focusing on driving traffic, qualifying and converting leads into customers, and continually delighting those customers on a daily basis are just a few ways Stratsmark puts our skills into action. We are always looking to the data as a roadmap for success and for the next exciting opportunity to bring marketing and sales efficiencies into the world for an agency or business in need.

Think we might be able to help you bring a little spark into your sales and marketing engine? We do.

If you are looking to bring your brand, or your client's, to the next level while automating processes and becoming more efficient, why not reach out and schedule a quick consultation?


Whether it is industry specific courses for a certain client or digging deeper into a skill that can help her grow, D'Ana believes in constantly learning. As an Inbound Sales & Marketing Methodology Expert, she has continued to gain certifications through the HubSpot Academy as they become available.

D'Ana is also honored to be a 2020 HubSpot Champion User. This means she is one of the 1,000 most active users of all of the HubSpot platform features in the last year out of hundreds of thousands of users: hubspot.com/champion-users

HubSpot Certified across the board (and then some only available to a few users)



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